We're hackers at heart. We look beyond the borders of commodity, discover unpaved tracks and unravel complexity with simple logic - to make the internet a safer place.


Zerocopter was founded with the ambition to bring continuous online security to every organization, big or small - while making the internet a safer place.

Every idea starts with an issue to be solved. Operating as ethical hackers and security researchers over the past decade we learned that online security became a Wild West for companies. Trying to get control of risk levels by assigning security teams, hiring security companies at scheduled times and licensing multiple expensive solutions, but eventually, ending up with a security flow that is not insightful and with reports scattered all over the place.

We believe online security isn’t just about implementing smart technology, it is also about including the right people, gathering insider intelligence and the ability to align all these processes towards one goal.

  • We believe instant access to the best security expertise and insider knowledge are essential for organizations to be able to keep up the pace of rapid developments on ‘the other side’.
  • Companies should be able to feel free and safe online, security shouldn't restrict our ambitions.
  • We believe that every organization that respects ethics has the duty to protect their operation and customers.

That is how we make the internet a safer place.

Zerocopter consists of a team of ethical hackers, software engineers, designers and marketeers.

Foto van Edwin van Andel

Edwin has been a respected member of the security community since the 80s. He is a renowned speaker and experienced security expert. Edwin is the face and voice of Zerocopter.

Edwin van Andel


Foto van Junior Meijering

Junior is co-founder of Zerocopter and an experienced ethical hacker. He believes in continuous security and the value of the worldwide hackers network for improving the online security of organizations.

Junior Meijering

Chief Zerocopter Officer

Foto van Olivier Beg

Olivier is the expert in the field in which we are operating. As an ethical hacker and active bug bounty hunter Olivier knows our researchers better than anyone. He makes sure Zerocopter is the best platform on which researchers can deploy their skills.

Olivier Beg

Head of Researchers

Foto van Koen Peeters

Koen is our Business Process Manager. It’s his job to help structure Zerocopter so it’s even better equipped to handle large numbers of clients. He coordinates processes and communication between and within the different divisions of our company.

Koen Peeters

Business Process Manager

Foto van Jan Albert Jonker

Jan Albert worked for several online agencies in creative as well as commercial management roles and is spreading the word about Zerocopter. He masters the art of bridging the gap between the hacker community and our customers.

Jan Albert Jonker

Head of Sales

Foto van Chantal Stekelenburg

With a background in growth hacking, UX and CRO Chantal works to achieve the best experience for our Zerocopter customers. She did the Experience Design course at Hyper Island, and because of her broad interests she will never stop learning.

Chantal Stekelenburg

Brand Manager

Foto van Joachim Nolten

Having founded a web hosting company, Joachim decided he prefers to create new things from scratch. After working at startups such as Blendle and Leaplines, he has a useful mixture of skills in both IT operations and software development.

Joachim Nolten

Software Developer

Foto van Lucas Luitjes

Lucas has spent the last decade building web applications and running their infrastructure, for example at Blendle and Silk. IT security has been a hobby since the first time he connected to the Internet. He is here to keep Zerocopter fast, reliable and secure.

Lucas Luitjes

Software Developer

Foto van Mariusz Pruszynski

Mariusz used to live in Taiwan to help build one of the world's most popular photo editing apps. Now he's back in Europe and helps us create the best internet security hub.

Mariusz Pruszynski

Software Developer

Foto van Julia Meininger

With Julia at our office everything runs smoothly. With her experience as management assistant and office manager at Blendle she knows how to get things done in a start-up scene.

Julia Meininger

Office Manager

Foto van Piotr Klosinski

Piotr once was an online poker player, a sports betting pro and a day trader. For the last few years he focused on software development at Zurich-based fintech startup Advanon. He joined Zerocopter to help their important mission to make the internet a safer place.

Piotr Klosinski

Software Developer

Foto van Inge Meijering

Inge is an experienced educator. She helps our hackers on what hackers love to do; share knowledge about hacking. Inge organises events for anyone, from kids at primary schools to groups of experienced security experts, about online security and ethical hacking.

Inge Meijering

Events & community manager

Help organizations to improve their online security.

Work with great people on stuff that matters. Together we’re trying to make the digital world a little more secure for every organization.

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We’re regular visitors and speakers of hacker and security events across the globe to passionately share our ideas, observations and expertise - and learn from like-minded specialists and experts.

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We value the efforts the passionate researcher community puts in keeping the world awake and aware - in order to make the internet a safer place. We want to give back anything what is in our means to do, to show appreciation.

We facilitate a platform that makes securing companies across the world possible for talented hackers in a transparent way. And we organize and support events where we invite hackers to join hackatons , learn- and exchange skills and socialize.

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