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Manage your online security from one base.

The platform empowers organizations to keep pace with rapid security developments, instrumentalize security management, control costs and resolve issues efficiently as a team.

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Automated methods and experts work hand-in-hand

Secure your online environment with proven automated methods, paired with the skills and knowledge of world’s best hackers.


A unique combination of the best vulnerability scanners available today will continuously monitor the security of all your important products and services.

Responsible Disclosure

Give anyone the opportunity to report vulnerabilities discovered in your systems without the need to set up an infrastructure for handling this.


A select group of experts will help you to get deep insight of any vulnerabilities that may be present in your application. Reward on a no-cure-no-pay basis, per approved vulnerability.

Stay notified

Zerocopter gives you an instant overview of everything that's happening in your organizations security. An automated security scan that has finished running or a researcher that has commented on a report they filed, one glance gives you an overview of all the things that need your attention.


In-depth insight

By leveraging the best security specialists in the world you will gain deep insight in any vulnerabilities that may be present in your application. We'll make sure you only receive reports that are up to our standards. We give you powerful tools to manage reports and allow you to easily interact with researchers.

Complete control

You're in complete control of how to manage your security within our platform. When running a researcher program you set your own budget, limit the amount of researchers you invite and determine for how long they're invited. When you schedule a scanner you can determine when and how frequently it runs, what hosts it should scan and whether it should focus on web or network vulnerabilities.