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Meet the Team

Zerocopter is made by a team of hackers, software engineers, designers and marketeers. Together they're trying to make the world a little more secure.

  • Junior Meijering

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Junior is a professional ethical hacker for years, with a business analyst background in several multinationals. As a bug- and Zeroday “hunter” in his sparetime, he discovered multiple zerodays under which a CVSS 10 in 1.2 million yearly shipped HP Thin Clients.

  • Jurre Stender

    CTO & Software Engineer

    Before joining Zerocopter Jurre worked at several startups such as Blendle and LearningSpaces. He enjoys building great products and working on open source software.

  • Olivier Beg

    Head of Researchers

    Olivier is the expert in the field we are operating in. As an ethical hacker and active bug bounty participant Olivier knows our researchers better than anyone. He will make sure Zerocopter is the best platform for researchers to deploy their skills on.

  • Edwin van Andel

    Chief Evangelist

    Meet our bearded troublemaker. Edwin has been a respected member of the security community since the 80ties and has been working in that field for roughly 20 years now. He is also a renowned speaker (nullcon 2017) and experienced security expert. Besides being an international evangelist of Responsible Disclosure he works hard on bridging the gap between our clients and our researchers.

  • Meike van Es-Vriesendorp


    An experienced marketing director in FMCG and retail that knows almost nothing about online security but does know how to develop a sustainable business, keep customers happy and develop a powerful team.

  • Matthijs Kuiper

    Design & Frontend Development

    Matthijs is our all-round designer and frontend developer with over 10 years experience. He has been active as lead designer for several startups and agencies. A perfectionist who loves to create beautiful and useful software.

  • Jan Albert Jonker

    Business Development

    Jan Albert worked for several online agencies in creative as well as commercial management roles and is spreading the word on Zerocopter! As one of the few non-hackers at Zerocopter he was immediately impressed by the skills of the team and Zerocopter’s unique approach on online security.

  • Kyle Economou

    Hacker & Software Developer

    Kyle has been working in the field for over 5 years, and has contributed to myriad companies - ranging from startups to banks. He is dedicated to making tools usable and human-friendly.

  • Finn McClain

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Finn has held international sales and business development leadership roles for several security companies such as McAfee and Trend Micro in Silicon Valley and Amsterdam. He holds an MBA from The Wharton School. He's Dutch-American and lived in San Francisco prior to coming back to the Netherlands.

  • Maxime Bakker

    Business Development

    Before Maxime joined Zerocopter, she was responsible for revenue via partnerships for Ingenico ePayments. Maxime knows how to setup and expand a partner network and as Strategic growth manager with Zerocopter she will be focusing on the growth of Zerocopter with partners and customers.

  • Julia Meininger

    Allround Boss

    With Julia at our office everything runs smoothly. With her experience as management assistant and office manager at Blendle she knows how to get things done in a startup scene.

  • Chantal Stekelenburg

    UX & Online marketing

    With a background in growth hacking, UX, CRO and keeping customers happy, Chantal started the Experience Design course at Hyper Island and is now a trainee at Zerocopter. With her broad interests she will never stop learning.

  • Inge Meijering

    Event Organiser

    Inge is an experienced educator. She will organize what hackers do best, make people share knowledge. She will organize events to get people on the hackers side.

  • Rolf Meinders

    Support Engineer

    Rolf has a lot of experience in customer support. He joined the Zerocopter team to improve the customer satisfaction. The last year he has been working as a senior customer support officer.


  • Erik Rutkens


    Erik implemented security management systems and was chief security officer for several multinationals. As an IT-auditor he also was involved in the security testing of many web applications and complex IT-infrastructures. Erik is the founder and owner of Insite Security, a fast growing IT security company in the Netherlands. Erik is advisor to the board.

  • Friso Jiskoot


    Friso has been actively involved with E-commerce & Software as a Service startups for over 10 years in both Europe and Silicon Valley. As a venture developer he focusses on creating startups by following a repetitive process using an infrastructure that enables an efficient venture building process.