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One step further in a hacker’s mind

On Wednesday the 27th of September 2017 the second edition of the event “In a hacker’s mind” will take place, a part of the Cyber Security Week 2017 (25-29 September) in the city of The Hague. During this week, The Hague is the center for the cyber security community. Dozens of events will provide the opportunity to meet key players, discuss the latest developments, share knowledge and to pitch innovative ideas for funding and is powered by The Hague Security Delta, the leading security cluster in Europe. After the overwhelming success of last year, we’re going one step further this year! In the meanwhile, we have a slightly better view of hackers. They’re not all criminals and a large group is dedicated to make the internet a safer place. But working with hackers remains a slippery business for many people. What are they doing exactly and can I really trust those hackers?

A happy marriage with a hacker

How do you build a good relationship with a hacker? How does the collaboration makes both the hacker and you happy. An ethical hacker mainly considers two things important contributing to a safer internet and being recognized for it. You would like to get relevant and understandable directions about where and how to improve the security of your online environment. That’s why “In a hacker’s mind” this year marks the various ways you can interact with a hacker!

Blind date

In order to find your ideal match in the world of hacking, we would take a look into your mind. In addition to your personal information submitted by your registration, there will be a follow-up within a few weeks. An email with a couple of questions so we can compile your profile. With that profile we will personalize the layout of the hackshops. Wondering which hacker fits you?

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